Sales Transformation Leader Sign Up.

If you are a new sales leader or entering a sales transformation, an offer to sign up for a pre-release copy of Leading a Sales Transformation. In return, I only ask for candid feedback and a review in the future.


If interested, please send the following to It will be limited to 5 leaders:

  1. Name
  2. Address
  3. Phone number
  4. One paragraph background. Your position (New sales leader, leader moving from manager to director, changing companies, VP of sales) and a description of the sales transformation you are embarking on or are currently in.

For reference, the back cover description of the book:

Sales transformation is a topic that is infrequently written about. There are a myriad of books written on coaching, leadership, forecasting, solution selling and sales process but very little is written about how to assess a sales team, create a vision and build a plan for long-term success.

Through my sales leadership career, whether recently promoted, joining a new company or moving countries, I started with a new sales team and asked the question: Where do I start?

In the end, I was disappointed with the answers from currently available books and research, confused by how few sales leaders had a concise approach to starting a new role and disappointed that so many sales leaders executed tactical plans instead of building long-term strategic plans for sustained success.

I chose a different path.

I avoided the temptation of chasing the short-term sales number, determining that early activity did not drive long-term sales team success. Instead, I built the Sales Transformation Framework to help me lead and drive meaningful, long-term change.

The Sales Transformation Framework guides a sales leader through assessing a sales team, understand the business, assembling a vision and building the plan to achieve that vision. The framework teaches the sales leader to start with a beginner’s mind, manage stakeholders through change while ensuring that the leader understands when to alter the tempo of the plan as the team progresses through the six stages of sales transformation.

Whether the sales team is growing or is in distress requiring a turn-around, whether you have been the Vice President of Sales for two years or are a new Sales Manager recently promoted, the Sales Transformation Framework guides you from tactical thinking to strategic execution to ensure that the team achieves success quarter after quarter.

The Sales Transformation Framework guides sales leaders to build the team that wins.

Good fortune.

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